My Ratings

My album ratings might seem a little stingy but that’s just a legacy of my ill-advised attempt to make this a bit more scientific. As I'm trying to gauge the strength of a complete album, I thought it'd make more sense to mark each individual track out of 5 & then do an average of those to get an overall score for the record. I wanted to avoid dishing out high scores to an album just because I loved one or two songs & this way a record with too many 'fillers' will always get a lower overall rating.

So each track gets a score according to this scale:

0 - Hate it

1 - Generally dislike it, but has saving grace (e.g., strong chorus)

2 - OK, nothing special, can take it or leave it

3 - Quite like it, need to hear again, possibly a 'grower'

4 - Like it a lot, very good but not perfect (e.g., dodgy production)

5 - Love it

Then the total is divided by the number of tracks on the album which gives us an accurate album rating (well, sort of).